Back to sleep!

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Back to sleep!

              Back-to-school season has come and it is now time to get back to a daily routine where you’re sitting all day long trying to pay attention to your teacher so you can learn something new. Sadly (or fortunately for some), it also means vacations are over and it’s time to get back to an everyday lifestyle. Among all the good habits you might have put aside during summer, sleep is often underestimated when you must restore your routine. Many studies have demonstrated that sleeping is a crucial action that can improve your success at school.

At school or even at work, impact from lack of sleep on regular activities are significant. Many studies show that the time you are asleep is the moment when all you’ve learned throughout the day can be memorized and integrated in long-term memory. It is during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that our brain is able to digest information we received earlier during the day. Therefore, with reduced sleep, you are shortening the amount of time your nervous system can use to help retain daily learnings.

Lack of sleep can also be the main factor causing a low level of concentration and a tendency of getting easily distracted during the day.  Without a good night’s sleep, our capability of collecting new information is negatively affected by a lower attention span. Short nights can also make us feel tired the next day which then affects our physical and mental condition. According to a study, one out of 4 Canadians don’t sleep enough and more than 60% of Canadian students feel tired during their morning classes.    

What can we do to ensure having a good night’s sleep? Everything starts with the basics, which is in this case, the surface you are sleeping on: your mattress! To have a high-quality mattress that provides the right amount of comfort and support can make your sleep experience better and be beneficial for your body. The Polysleep mattress has been designed to fit all types of sleepers, everybody can feel comfortable laying on it. With a 10-year warranty, you can be sure to experience the best sleep for a long time.

               With a Polysleep mattress at home, there are no more excuses to avoid facing back-to-school time with a smile. A good night of sleep can help you to get through this daily routine and can help make the start of this new school year a little easier.

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