The importance of a good posture, even at night!

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The importance of a good posture, even at night!

              The Polysleep mattress has been designed to suit all types of sleepers. Our mission is to make your sleep experience unforgettable, which is why we created a high-quality mattress that offers you an unparalleled sleep. To help you even more in your pursuit for the perfect sleep, here are some concepts to find and adopt the best sleep position for you.

              There are 3 main positions that can be identified when you sleep: on the back, on the stomach or on the side. Many variations for each of them exist but this article will only focus on the most popular ones, the three sleep postures above mentioned.

               Let’s start with the most common sleep position: laying on the side. It is in fact the most favourable position to adopt because it eases muscle relaxation and overall rest. However, it is preferable to sleep on your left side since it facilitates digestion and aids the heart to accomplish its functions. Furthermore, this position helps to reduce snoring which isn’t insignificant when you sleep beside someone. However, if you sleep for too long on the same side you could develop pain in the shoulders and hips, where the main pressure points are.

               The second position recommended if you want to have better nights is laying on your back. It reduces the body’s pressure points and helps to relieve muscular tensions. It is the best posture to prevent back and neck pain because of the two characteristics stated before. Despite these advantages, sleeping on your back increases snoring and elevates the risk of sleep apnea.

               The last sleep position, laying on your stomach, is the worst way to sleep during the night. It encourages the formation of pain especially in the back and the neck. Sleeping on your stomach does not offer a proper support for your spine and requires a constant rotation of the neck to allow you to breath while you are sleeping. It explains why it is more difficult to breath and digest when you sleep like that.

               For most people, the posture sleeping will change sometime during their life. These changes can happen for many reasons such as age, new family status involving a new partner or children, new physical conditions such as injuries, pregnancy or just for personal comfort. Even though sleep position is a crucial element if you want to experience good nights, without a good mattress that offers you the right amount of support, risks that you develop pain are high. You have to carefully select a sleeping surface that will suit any type of sleeper just like the Polysleep mattress. This way, you’ll fully enjoy your nights of sleep no matter what position you chose. 

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