When the sun affects sleep!

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When the sun affects sleep!

Fall is already there and you can now feel many of its effects. Temperature gets slowly lower, trees are losing their leaves et there is less and less sunlight every day. This change in the length of daylight have an important impact for some when it’s to go to sleep.

Did you know that daylight is mostly responsible for the sleeping process, or at least to initiate the drowsiness phase?

Everyday, our internal biological clock is directed by light that structures sleep rhythms. This inner clock, located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain, receive signals from the retina that captures the presence or absence of light in the environment.  It is obvious then that a change in the amount of time you’re exposed to sunlight will affect the quantity of sleep you’ll later have.

To avoid any disbalance in the sleep cycle, also know as the circadian cycle, here are some little tips that will allow you to enjoy fall without feeling tired because of a lack of sleep.

       - Going to be and waking up at the same time everyday to help the brain to regulate the internal clock and to ensure stability to the circadian cycle.

       - Avoiding all electronic devices that have a screen before going to sleep, they possess diodes (LED) which stimulate the brain the same way as daylight would do it.

       - Enjoy as much as you can sun outside, specially during morning. You’ll get exposed to sunlight what will help to balance the sleep cycle. Taking a walk outside or drinking a coffee next to a big window that let the sunlight passes through are good ways to do it.

       - Check the temperature of the room when it’s time to go to sleep. You should always sleep in a place where the temperature is around 18-20°.

       - Sleep the right amount of time you need during night, which is 6 to 8 hours for an adult

The decrease of sunlight that occurs in fall doesn’t only have impacts on sleep. It also affects moods and can even lead to a seasonal depression in certain case. It is important to not underestimate the consequences of a season switch. To fully enjoy fall, first you have to get the best sleep so you can get enough energy to plan a lot off autumn activities.

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