220 000 hours

This is the amount of time we spend in bed sleeping over our lifetime. This statement alone has been our focus and fueled our reflexion at Polysleep

How can we make sure you experience sleep like never before? That’s one-third of your life spent in slumber after all!

Poly Sleep Mattress

knowledge is power

We thank you

We spent hours analyzing feedback from you. The knowledge we gathered served as our inspiration to create the ideal mattress. Your mornings will never be the same!

…. And Hypnos

Since the time of Greek mythology, sleeping has been neglected. Our inspiration : Hypnos, the God of sleep who had the power to put to sleep not only the humans but also the gods. That’s what drove us to create a godly experience when sleeping on the Polysleep

Poly Foam Mattress

unity is strength

We partnered with the best

We’ve teamed up with one of the largest and oldest foam producers in Canada. With our years of experience gained through testing and the manufacturer’s 50+ years of experience in foam innovations and handcrafting mattresses, you can rest assured that the Polysleep Mattress is made of high quality elements.

Poly Mattress Manufacturing
To offer you the best

We are so highly confident in our product that we are ready to give you a trial of 100 nights to decide if you are ready to commit to the you recommend for a Polysleep Mattress. We created a one of a kind mattress that offers the best sleeping surface with the right bounce, the right temperature and the right price.

Poly Mattress

we owe the result to you

Foam Mattress - Poly Sleep

And hope you will love it